Colt | New Frontier John Wayne | .22LR

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John Wayne / The Duke
Serial number: G213831
The left side is engraved with John Wayne / The Duke.
The frame is hardened. The black plastic eagle grip scales are provided with the Rampant Colt logo.
Adjustable visor, light-coated hammer, trigger and thorn.

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Welcome to another interesting offer from Waffen Glauser in Aarberg. In the following we declare the product to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, if you have any questions and / or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email at any time, please make a note of the relevant product number.

Product description:

Model New Frontier John Wayne
Caliber .22LR
Plastic grip plate
Frame hardened

Product number: R693

We generally refer to the images shown here. We try to photograph this used item in high-resolution format in order to transparently declare all possible signs of use. By appointment, you can view the product in Aarberg before buying it. We ask for your understanding that not every used weapon is on display in our large range.

Guarantee and warranty
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We point out that it is a used weapon, with the corresponding legal guarantee performance.


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