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Our company Waffen Glauser AG in Aarberg, hereinafter referred to as the website operator, handles your personal data very responsibly and the following data protection declaration is intended to give you an overview of what happens to the data and what protection we offer.

Data protection

Subject of the data protection declaration

This declaration relates to the data that become known by visiting our website and provides information on how the data is handled. There is no data exchange with other companies, which means that the data protection declaration is limited to your visit to our website.

Personal data and its application

To be able to shop with us, you need a customer account. This customer account contains personal data such as name, address or email address. The data is stored in our database for later processing when you log in.

In addition, data that we receive from your browser during the visit is automatically saved in our log files (browser is, for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.). This means that the IP address is known and a cookie is placed on your computer. This cookie guarantees that the order can be processed properly and, above all, it is possible to save your interests so that the next time we visit, we can offer you the products that are of particular interest to you without you having to repeat your interest.

Passing on the data

The data that we have received from you will not be passed on to third parties. Since the dispatch from us, resp. If this is done directly from the manufacturer, there is no need to pass your personal data on to other third parties.


Again and again there are uncertainties because of the cookies that are stored on the visitor’s computer. But these small files are pure information stores. Viruses are not produced, the computer is not attacked, and you are not investigated.

The sole aim of the cookie is to save your personal activities and interests so that we can work with them on your next visit. The advantage for you is that when you visit our website you can immediately see the offers that match your interests. This is possible because the cookie stores which products you last viewed and appropriate alternatives or additions are selected as soon as you access the page. Processing and deletion of the data

Of course, you always have the right to correct the personal data you have entered in the customer account – on the contrary: this is very important to us if, for example, an address changes. In the customer account you can also set whether you want to receive a newsletter and whether you want information about special offers.

You can revoke these settings at any time.

data protection

As already mentioned, the data will not be passed on. In order to ensure data security, your customer account is password-protected, so that outside persons have no access to the account and the data.

Changes to this data protection declaration

The website operator reserves the right to change this data protection declaration. If this is the case, you will be informed by email and you will also receive corresponding information in your customer account.