Waffen Glauser AG

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For decades, “Waffen Glauser AG” has been a household name in Switzerland for first-class advice on all aspects of weapons, hunting and fishing.

The family business will be continued by Urs Glauser and offers the entire region a wide and deep range of all types of weapons, hunting and fishing articles. We also train apprentices who are interested in this field of activity.

URS & Janine Glauser

Owner of Waffen Glauser AG

Urs has been a passionate Bernese hunter since 2005.  As a Bernese young hunter instructor for weapons science in Lyss, he inspires interested people from the region. He has also been supporting the SBV as a gunsmith / chief expert since 2013.

Janine has been enthusiastic about hunting since childhood, she has had the Bern hunting license since 2014. As a passionate hunter, Janine always enjoys dog sports with the hunting dog “Helia”.

Bruno Studer | Waffen Glauser AG

Bruno Studer

Deputy Manager / Head of Sales

Passionate western rider. Nature-loving personality with in-depth specialist knowledge and enjoyment of tactical shooting.

Fabian Kohli | Waffen Glauser AG

Fabian Kohli

Gunsmith / workshop manager

Glock Sagittarius, dog lover and passionate Chevrolet fan.

Apprentice gunsmith | Waffen Glauser AG

Adrian Gerber

Apprentice gunsmith

Happy young hunter as well as successful fisherman and Hornusser at the Hornusser Society Ersigen.

Helia | Waffen Glauser AG

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